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The Kids

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

"If the Courts are the hardware, the kids have to be the software."

Jeffery’s conversation starter with me on this idea was a story describing this kid that was very interested in Pickleball. Even though the group started with only adults playing, he told me of a kid who was really hoping to join in. Jeffery described seeing him appear at the courts dutifully changed into his sports attire and shoes, holding his paddle and waiting patiently at the bench for free slots to join. If there isn’t, he will observe the adults.

As I got to know the kids and parents better, I had my suspicion of who this kid is, so I confirmed it with Jeffery, and interviewed his mom. The kid is none other than the very deserving Captain of the Kids Club, Koh Wun Jin.

When asked what made him want to try Pickleball, Wun Jin said, “Basically one day, my sister (Wun Qi) wanted to play badminton with Zichen, Ziqing and me, so we went down and saw Uncle Joe and Zichen said: Uncle, last time you said you will let me play. So that's how I started.”

When we decided to start the programme, Jeffery garnered 10 kids, just like that. How did this happen? Was it the geography of the courts? Was it the plain sight when the players play? Was it Jeffery’s roadshow sales tactics? Was it the cool evenings that consistently accompany this space? Was it the welcoming adult players to have kids play with them?

I think it was really all of the above.

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