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Jurong Spring Kids Club – Modern Kampong Kids playing Pickleball

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

One fine afternoon, I got a call from pickleball enthusiast Mr Jeffery Kuok, to start a Kids Programme with his Jurong Spring Pickleball Kids Club. Today, just 2 months later, I felt compelled to write this article to share this wonderful experience.

Jeffery heads the Jurong Spring Community Pickleball Interest Group, unlike other groups that are tied to Community Clubs, this group endearingly centres round two games court squared by Blocks 520, 521 and 522, Jurong West. Most of the players are residents living just a stone’s throw from these courts - I witnessed Uncle Joe peeping out of his window, waving to us and minutes later he appeared next to us at the courts; my first encounter with little Ziqing was when she was wearing her pink Crocs admitting to me that she was still in her PJs. Another time she came down with a piece of bread still in her mouth.

If I am to describe the scene, it will be “kampong”, plain and simple. There is a very quaint feel here - the kids are the usual noisy and mischievous, yet friendly and encouraging to each other; the parents are very nurturing, understanding and friendly, you can feel their smiles behind the masks. The atmosphere is also welcoming and very comfortable, and I’m very proud to say, for some weirdest reason, Pickleball is at the centre of it.

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