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Pickleball was created to be a fun, competitive, and highly social sport. It embodies an ethic of good sportsmanship that includes respect, fair play, and graciousness in winning and losing. We hope all players in Singapore will help promote these foundational values and maintain a positive environment for all.

Ethics refers to the generally accepted norms of right or wrong behaviour, often based on universal values. Ethics is not about legality nor is it meant to be legalistic.

Athletes during Tournament, due to the intense pressure to win, and exposure to the public, are potentially vulnerable to various forms of ethical issues and concerns.

In order to maintain fair and reasonable standards of conduct by participants and players, to protect their respective rights, the rights of the public and the integrity and image of sport and that of pickleball, the Singapore Pickle-Ball Association has drawn up the Code of Ethics set out herein.


Treat and respect everyone equally, regardless of race, language, religion, culture, gender or physical ability.

Shall not use objectionable language directed at another person.

Shall not use profanities of any sort (audible or visible) for any reason.

Shall not argue aggressively with officiating team, opponents or spectators that disrupts in the flow of play.

Shall not make taunts, threats or challenges of any nature toward or against any person.

Shall not use ethnic, religious, racial, sexist or homophobic slurs.


Protects the image of Pickleball and Sports in general, such as avoiding making a scene in public view.

Players shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and give due regard to the authority of officials and the rights of opponents, spectators and others.

Not disrupt the flow of play, e.g. taking time between rallies unnecessarily, repeatedly appealing line calls, challenging the referee’s interpretation of a rule to lose the challenge subsequently, requesting for medical time out without a valid medical condition, etc.

Not abuse the ball, purposely breaking or stepping on the ball.

Shall not portray unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as making repeated questionable “OUT” calls that, upon appeal, are overruled by the Officiating Team.

Always exhibiting “Best Effort”, that not deliberately playing down, defaulting, forfeiting or not giving best effort in matches, whether for their own benefit or otherwise.


Consider the safety of other participants, spectators and general public in the same venue space.

Shall not aggressively or recklessly throw a paddle, or striking a ball in frustration or anger, with negligent disregard of the consequences.

Shall not strike any other person, damage or vandalise venue property and fixtures.

Shall not get into fights, or cause injury to player, official or spectator at any time during the tournament.

Shall not spit or cough on a person.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly not allowed in the venue.

Gambling of any kind, whether for stakes or not, is forbidden


Dispose waste in proper manner and keep the tournament venue clean.

Shall not damage or vandalise venue property and fixtures.

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