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This table fits a maximum draw size of 64 pools (for Pool Play), or 256 participants (for Single Eliminations). Under the maximum draw size, the 8th round shall be the Final Gold Medal Match. Anything more than 256 players will require qualifying rounds that carry no points. 


If the draw size is smaller, the number of rounds will reduce accordingly. For example, a draw size of 32 participants, arranged into 8 pools of 4 participants each, the Round Robin pool play shall be the 1st Round. Promoting the top 2 participants from each pool starts the 2nd Round at Best of 16 (Single Elimination). Therefore the rounds shall be as follows,

  • 1st Round – RR

  • 2nd Round – Best of 16

  • 3rd Round – QF

  • 4th Round – SF

  • 5th Round - Final

Points are awarded to the winner only if the round is the Final Round, else points are awarded upon elimination. If the Final is played in the 5th Round, the loser (Silver Medallist) will be awarded 16 points and only the winner (Gold Medallist) will be awarded 32 points.

The ranking points last for a season, that is following the calendar year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec, afterwhich it will reset for the next season.


In events where the 1st Round is the seeding round, e.g. Group Play in Round Robin format, and thereafter the participants are split into different elimination groups, e.g. different Open and Intermediate Level Eliminations, the elimination rounds shall then be aligned based on the round size.


For example, if the 1st Round comprises of total 32 participants (8 pools of 4 participants each), the top performer from each pool gets promoted straight to an Open Quarterfinals; while the next two best performers from each pool get promoted to an Intermediate Best of 16 Round. Both elimination groups shall have their Quarterfinals aligned as Round 3, with the Open Level Eliminations skipping Round 2.

The table below then details the points when transferred to Open Category Points:

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