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This webpage contains a copy of the National Team Selection Policy drafted by Singapore Pickleball. To view the policy, please continue reading down below. Alternatively, you may also download a copy of the policy onto your computer/mobile device here.


The objective of this policy is to inform all pickleball athletes (“athletes”) on the selection policy leading up to the Asian Pickleball Games 2023, to be held in Taichung City, Taiwan (“APG 2023”) and thereafter, the National Team (“NT”).

Event: Asian Pickleball Games 2023

Date of Tournament: 6 October 2023 - 9 October 2023 (c.a.a. 11 August 2023)

Official ball & website: Diadem Power Pickleball.

Nominated athletes must familiarize themselves with the rules of the competition as advised and updated by APG 2023 from time to time.


10th August 2023 (Thurs) - Pre-selection of athletes nominated for the APG 2023 trials, and notification of nominated athletes.

17th August 2023 (Thurs) - First Practice and Trial Session

24th August 2023 (Thurs) - Trials Selection

Dates and timings may be subject to change and will be advised from time to time.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, alternative dates may be selected, at SPA’s discretion.

Once trials have been completed to the satisfaction of SPA, the final squad for the APG 2023 shall be announced. Once notified, nominated athletes must reply by email to within three (3) calendar days, to accept the nomination and confirm their attendance for the trials. Should SPA not receive such acceptance by reply email, the next in line may be contacted, who will have three (3) calendar days to accept.


The nomination process seeks to identify such athletes, primarily based on their local ranking points matching the relevant events at APG 2023, that are available to play in trials for the following categories: Men’s Doubles (MD), Women’s Doubles (WD) and Mixed Doubles pairings (XD), for the following age groups as mandated by APG 2023:

  • 16 and +

  • 35 and +

  • 50 and +

SPA Selection Committee may also select or include wildcard entries for the trials, provided that such wildcard entries have played in the Singapore Pickleball Open 2023 and/or Pesta Sukan 2023.


SPA anticipates that, resulting from the trials, a maximum of 2 athletes will be selected who are between 16 and 34 years old (inclusive, and based on APG 2023 age definitions) and a maximum of 8 athletes will be selected from 35 to 80 years old (inclusive, and based on APG 2023 age definitions). As such, SPA anticipates that, arising from the trials, up to 10 athletes will be selected to play for the Singapore National Team at APG 2023. Actual pairings and combinations will be decided upon by SPA at its discretion.


Per APG 2023 requirements, athletes must play in their age category. Age for the purposes of APG 2023 shall be computed based on 2023 less the year the selected athlete was born. For instance, for athletes born in 1973, will be considered 2023-1973=50 years old, and will be required to compete in the 50 and + category.


The final number of athletes nominated or selected may be subject to change, at the absolute discretion of the SPA Selection Committee.


Nominated athletes must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Be Singapore citizens at the time of nomination.

  • Must be in good financial standing personally and with the SPA, have good attendance records and have no adverse media or social position with the SPA.

  • Display strong passion, drive and uphold the core sporting values of pickleball.

  • Fully abide by and adhere to the most recent Code of Ethics for tournaments as published or updated by SPA from time to time.

  • Commitment to the scheduled training and competition in question.

  • If selected for the Singapore National Team for APG 2023 or NT, promptly sign and accept the prescribed agreement(s) and accept the position in the squad for the relevant competition. If the athlete does not sign such agreement(s) within the deadline given, it shall be deemed a withdrawal from the competition or the NT.

  • Engagement with the community to promote and train pickleball athletes in general.

Agree to exclusively play for the Singapore National Team at APG 2023, to the exclusion of any other team at APG 2023. If a nominated athlete or selected Singapore National Team for APG 2023 athlete is unable to fully abide by this requirement for any reason, such nominated or selected athlete for APG 2023 must decline their nomination or selection for the APG 2023 trials, whereupon SPA may in its discretion nominate or select the next best available athlete.


All withdrawals must be done in writing within seven (7) calendar days of nominations. Once a withdrawal is accepted, no further appeals or changes can be made for the athlete to be reinstated into the nominated Singapore National team for APG 2023.


Key Criteria for final selections into the Singapore National Team for APG 2023 shall be based on trial results. The format and location of the trials shall be advised to nominated athletes in due course. In the case of ties, the following non-exhaustive criteria will be applied:

  • Skills as assessed by the SPA

  • Training hours/attendance

  • Current and future potential of the athlete

  • Injuries record

  • Past results

  • Athlete’s conduct


All athletes in the squad for APG 2023 must maintain their commitment levels as per the prescribed NT agreement and as otherwise advised by SPA from time to time.


All squad athletes must abide by all logistic arrangements provided by SPA, except if supported by medical certifications.


Selection Committee members may also be invited for the trials, and will be required to withdraw from the Selection Committee if nominated or included in the trial list.


The Selection Committee will review all cases of expulsion. An appeal can be launched within one week of expulsion. Failure to adhere to the Code of Ethics may constitute grounds for expulsion. Evidence from training records or reports that an athlete is not training and/or following their training plan may constitute grounds for expulsion. The following shall constitute immediate expulsion:

  • Exhibition of violence towards SPA officials, members of the Selection Committee, coaches, parents, other athletes and/or other stakeholders.

  • Exhibition of vulgarities towards SPA officials, members of the Selection Committee, coaches, parents, other athletes and/or other stakeholders.

  • Any actions deemed disrespectful to, and harms the national image of Singapore and the image and reputation of SPA.


Once the final name list for the Singapore National Team for APG 2023 has been announced, athletes are allowed to put forth an appeal addressed to Mr Lincoln Tan at, within seven (7) calendar days of announcement.


An appeal will only be considered on the following grounds:

  • There has been an error in the calculation of the local ranking points.

  • There has been an error in the results of the trials.

  • There has been an error in the recording of the aforesaid results.

  • There is new information and/or results to further justify consideration based on performance.


Each appeal must be accompanied by a bond of S$500 (cheque payable to “Singapore PickleBall Association”) at the time of filing the appeal. Should the appeal be determined to be unmeritorious or frivolous, the bond will be forfeited. Failure to lodge this bond will result in the appeal being null and void.


The appeals process will not serve as a re-selection process, but rather an inquiry as to whether the decision by the selection committee had been properly made in accordance with the selection process and criteria set out in this policy.


The appeals process shall only be open once selection decisions have been announced.


Where athlete A’s appeal poses a risk to athlete B of being excluded from the final selection, athlete B will be given an opportunity to be heard at the appeal.


The appeal tribunal will consist of at least 3 individuals drawn from the Board of SPA who have not served as members of the selection committee.


Upon the conclusion of APG 2023, the selected athletes for APG 2023 shall continue training and preparing for subsequent major pickleball competitions and games as potential NT squad members.


SPA reserves the right to conduct further trials to further identify appropriate athletes to constitute the NT squad. Factors such as the requirements of the competition in question, availability and additional or fresh talent may feature in such considerations.


SPA expects added details to be made available during October - November 2023.


Should SPA or the Selection Committee not be able to perform its obligations under this policy because of postponements, cancellations, imposed regulations or other causes reasonably beyond its control, SPA shall not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes. SPA and its selection committee shall however endeavour to continue its obligations under this policy as far as reasonably practicable, and reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of this policy from time to time.

These policies are subject to change, and may be supplemented by additional guidelines or amendments, as advised by SPA from time to time.

The Selection Committee operates on the principles of meritocracy and fairness. There may be unforeseen situations which arise which would require changes or adaptation to the selection criteria. In performing its role, the Selection Committee recognizes that due to the contentious nature of any team or national selection, there will always be dissenting quarters. Should there be any such situations arising from different interpretations of this policy, the SPA’s Executive Committee’s decision will be final.

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