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From 2023, all tournaments held in Singapore must be sanctioned and approved by Singapore Pickle-Ball Association (SPA) in order to be allowed an allocation of points based on the performance of the athlete.


This document aims to establish a standardised tournament structure for Singapore pickleball, easily adopted for various tiers of competition. To create a competitive ecosystem with a fair and transparent point system to obtain the true national ranking based on participation, performance and perseverance of each player in the Singapore pickleball community. 


This document draws reference from the tournament formats published in the USA Pickleball Rulebook and international racquet sport tournament structures.


Any tournament held in Singapore that is open to public registration, and not organised by SPA needs to be sanctioned. In addition, any tournament sponsored by, co-hosted or collaborating with SportSG, People’s Association, or any Government Ministries and Statutory Boards needs to be sanctioned too.   

Application for sanction should be submitted to SPA at least 3 months before the event. A token sanction fee of either SGD $1,000.00 or 10% of the total prize money, whichever is greater, shall be collected.

Download a copy of the sanctioning form to be submitted to here.


Age groups run as per the calendar year, and is based on the year of birth. Therefore if the year now is 2023, and a player is born in the year of 2000, he would be 23 years of age. There is no significance if he is born on 1 January or 31 December.

Age Groups (Based on year of birth)

Additional subgroups may be added to further divide the groups, e.g. Youth group can be further divided into Youth U18 (under 18 years old) and Youth U15 (under 15 years old); or Senior 55+.


Where skill level generally may not correlate directly with play experience, defining play experiences helps event organisers to further segment the communities for inclusivity.

Description and Years of Playing

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