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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for commonly asked questions. If you have more questions, do leave us a message and we might include them in the list.

  • Why was the Singapore Pickleball Association rebranding necessary?
    The Singapore Pickle-Ball Association will now be known as Singapore Pickleball with a new brand identity that embraces diverse age ranges as well as carrying an iconic emblem for the city state.
  • What is the overarching vision of the Singapore Pickleball Association?
    Together with her rebranding, the national sports association (NSA) has also announced a slew of new initiatives that boost both productivity, sustainability and excitement for the PickleBall playing community in a bid to further cradle and bolster growth of the sport as well as a new development framework that aligns all the different pillars of the sport together. The infographic below provides a snapshot of what the Singapore Pickleball Association has prepared to embark on this new journey of growth for the sport in Singapore.
  • What is included in the new rebranding initiative?
    With a revamped website, tournament calendar as well as a new points system to rank players nationally, the community will also find themselves able to use a brand-new tournament system co-developed by the association and its partners to register for events.
  • What are some sustainability efforts that the association embraces?
    With sustainability as its core, the association has also embarked on a new ball recycling programme where cracked balls are collected and re-made into playing balls which are then donated to schools for students to pick up the game. This initiative has been well received and reduces the use of plastic to continuously manufacture new balls for play.
  • Are there any Web 3.0 elements that the association incorporated into the rebranding exercise?
    On an extended digital front, the association has begun its own journey into Web 3.0 with Metaviva, where Pickleball, entertainment and loyalty programmes intersect to provide the playing community access to Pickleball programmes as well as access to movie and entertainment benefits.
  • How does the Singapore Pickleball Association provide a holistic approach to sports?
    The association believes that the sport is able to help people deal with mental health and wellness issues and has begun its own journey into promoting the game for people to accompany their daily lives. Several initiatives will be launched this year to encourage more people to play the sport.
  • Are there any technical and coaching efforts done by the association?
    To form a successful foundation for the growth of any sport, coaching and officiating is an important pillar of growth for the association. As such, more emphasis will be placed on developing mentors in the sport with coaching certification and an improved officiating framework to embrace the growth of Pickleball in Singapore.

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