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The Courts

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

In September 2020, it was approved for SPA to paint on the yellow Non-Volley Lines on the games court, and from that day on, these courts were livened up with more Pickleball games than ever.


The deal was that Jeffery is to promote Pickleball to the residents, and did Jeffery do it with relish. Imagine, walking past a court full of players playing a strange racquet game, looking like they are having fun, sounding like they are having fun, and it does look fun.

Pickleball is an easy sport to promote to any onlooker with a live demonstration going on.

While many of us will happily accommodate any “walk-in sales”, Jeffery took the full “roadshow salesman” role very seriously. I stood with Jeffery at the benches when Jeffery suddenly pointed and said, “Look at that lady there, with the kid, already looking at us for 20 mins, if I approach them, they will surely join, based on my experience, confirm, more than 95%”. To-date, Jurong Spring Community IG has more than 120 members and more than half are new beginners he recruited. Kudos to Jeffery.

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