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Singapore Pickleball Novice 2024

The official registration page for the Singapore Pickleball Novice 2024.


This page serves as the official registration page for the Singapore Pickleball Novice 2024. Participants are reminded that this tournament are for Novice players who have 3 years of playing experience or lesser. Participants who have previously been awarded an Intermediate or higher medal for pickleball tournaments are strictly not allowed to participate in this tournament. Medalists who wish to participate should do so in the upcoming Singapore Pickleball Open 2024.

The tournament will be held at 3 different venues across two weekends. More information about the exact division playing time and location will be released in the participants' brief. The participants brief will be emailed to all successful participants before the tournament begins.

Before proceeding with the registration, please have the following information ready to complete the registration. For players who are registering for other's behalf, do include their information and particulars as well. Participants will be mailed one complimentary T-shirt per registration. If you are participanting in more than one event/division, you will only be mailed one T-shirt.

  1. Full names of the participants that you wish to register for
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Email Addresses
  4. Contact Number
  5. Unisex T-shirt sizes (one T-shirt per player, per registration)
  6. Mailing Address (For mailing of the T-shirt)

Please refer to the T-shirt Chart when chosing your T-shirt size during registration.

For Doubles' Registration, please have your partner's information and particulars ready during registration. If your partner is receiving the T-shirt for a doubles division, the T-shirt will be mailed to the registering partner. Please key in the following discount codes for SPA Membership discounts:

If one partner is a member - SPAMember-1

If both players are members - SPAMember-2

Thank you for registering for the Singapore Pickleball Novice 2024 and we hope to see you at the games!

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Riverside Sec. | Bedok View Sec. | Chong Fu

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